Danone Waters and its brand Font Vella, the brand of mineral water number one in sales in Spain, decide to take a step further with their commitment to consumers and launch Font Vella en Casa, a new home delivery service in which it makes available all its brands and formats.
Our challenge was to create the identity of the project and all the necessary elements for the development of their activities, besides designing an ecommerce platform that had a pleasant and simple user experience with an interface accessible and adapted to any device.


With a clean and recognizable interface we started with the idea of creating a main navigation flow to facilitate the purchase of the most common products in the least number of clicks. Afterwards we created a set of options that gave access to new flows.



The design of an optimal mobile experience is an essential task in an ecommerce, the challenge was based on finding the formulas that would allow us to simplify the interface to encourage the purchase through these devices.